Oct 25, 2008

Happy Diwali!!!

Its diwali..

Lets celebrate!!!

err sorry..

wrong picture!

Oct 14, 2008

Heavy rains, unknown lonely road, night time....

I was in such a situation today. Not alone though, Divya was with me. The funny two of us.

With a vision of munnaerifying in life and to prepare for a valid answer to the often asked koshtine 'enna kizichcha today?', we walked along the ECR. Finding the place was not easy.. Pawn broker shop was our landmark. Divs found it.. yaay! After entering a kurukku sandhu and before reaching a muttu sandhu, we found the place.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Started back home. (Don't worry divvy I'm not writing about you falling down near the gate. Adhdhan naan pudichutaen la..)

'We'll find a short cut', Div told. Went straight, turned left, wait! thats all I remember. Then we got distracted. Divs called T to know whether any 'better options' are available. I called up S to ask him to come and 'aikiyamaagify in our jothi'.

I thought Divs knew the way back home. Doubt lighta yetti paathuchu when she took a left turn just because there was a dog standing on the road turning right. Then later it got confirmed! She too dint know the way.

It started raining. No where to go. No shade to stand in. Then we found a tree. The area created a dhigil atmosphere.

'Aiyaiyo!', suddenly a voice from behind.
I almost died of fear. A lady was standing behind us, complaining about the rain. How come she came there suddenly?
'May be its a ghost!', I thought.
Din't tell div.. din't wanna scare her. She would run away, as she did during our school days. But that was just a dog.. no no a puppy. Adhukae pichchukittu odita. NO, I'm not telling her. But she too got scared on seeing that lady, could read it from her face. We decided its better to start walking instead of standing there with that ghosty aunty.

The road, like any other road in India, had pools everywhere. Already drenched, now this car kaaran came in full speed and splashed water on us.
'Yaaai', I shouted and the car stopped.
'Pochu pochu, he is gonna scold', Divs told.
But the car left.
'Why did you shout?'
'Oh did I shout? I din't realise it. Thaana vanduruchu..'
'Din't you get scared when the car stopped?'
'Cha cha... It was his mistake. Not ours. Why should we be afraid?!', I told with all the geththu I could show on my face. Actually was damn scared! Yes I was!!

Why din't he slow down the car while crossing us. Too bad! I remembered 'Kaadhal sadugudu' movie. Vikram did it, why can't this guy. May be he would have.. if the gals were a bit more beautiful... sob sob! Seri freeya vidu!

Still walking.. clueless about the way. My slippery slippers added up to the comedy.

Atlast found a familiar road. I was polambhifying about the archanais I'll be getting at home and Div was also doing the same.

Reached home praying that mom should not have come. Yaay! Mom was home.. I love my luck! Hell with it!

Blah blah blahh.. et al. Matter over.

Mobile ae pirichchu potu drying it.
Thought of keeping the wet money in oven like in 'Nala Damayanthi' movie. Mom is at home.. will try it some other day.

Typing all this now.. with the satisfaction of kizhichufying something today other than just the calender date.

Oct 1, 2008

No Smoking

A good move by our Union Health Minister Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss. Smoking in public places is banned from october2, Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary.

I really get irritated when someone smokes in public places. I hate the smell.. If at all you wanna smoke, don't let the smoke out. Second-hand smoking is injurious to health too. If I wanna smoke I can buy a cigarette myself. No thank you, Keep your smoke with yourself.

Temporary exposure to smoke may cause less permanent harm, symptoms like headaches, breathing difficulties, and even nausea. Exposure to smoke over longer periods of time can cause cancer to heart disease.

The evidence is quite solid that inhaling smoke has numerous long-term and short-term consequences for bystanders who, for the most part, are “innocent.”

“Smokers can have a puff at the risk of their health in private in their bedrooms provided they had the permission of their wives,” Ramadoss said

From tomorrow, if I see someone smoking in public then without any hesitation I'll complain about them to police kaar! Be careful smokers!!