Jul 31, 2009

Why won't people comment?!

U read my blog. U say u like it(thru mails or in chat). Y don't u give ur comment here itself?!
weirdo ppl!!!

P.S.: This is to all of u who read my blog
P.P.P.S.: I love Dhoni
P.P.P.P.S.: Feeling very sleepy now
P.P.P.P.P.S.: I think dad has kidnapped my teddybear

Jul 28, 2009

NO...This is not happening!

Had such an embarassing day. Thanks to my sister who has just now returned home from her fourth honeymoon..hehee ;)

I was quite jobless today(as usual) and was forwarding mails to my friends. Got an awesome mail from one of my friends and it had photos of a tourist resort in Kerala. As usual, I forwarded it to all my friends. Then forgot about it(Why would I want to remember.. I was not planning my honeymoon there... hehee)

After lunch, when I came back to my cubicle(the temporary one which I declared as 'my territory' after I found out that it wasnot allocated to anyone else), one of my friends asked me,"Hey.. Who is Deepika?"
I proudly said,"My sister"
"See your mail"
I very innocently opened my mailbox. Meanwhile my friend said,"She has 'replied to all' for ur mail"

My sis had 'by mistake'(this is what she said.. but i don't believe her) clicked on 'Reply to all' instead of 'Reply' and written, "Planning to go to this place for your honeymoon? ;)"

You can guess how I would have been teased by my friends (I don't wanna call them 'my friends' anymore :( )

And some ever loving sweethearts, who were unable to come in person to tease me were kind enough to mail it.

My bad days are not yet over!

Almost right! :)

Yaay!!! I was almost correct with my prediction about the weather. It din't rain today.. atleast not till I reached my apartment gate.

And when it started raining, I managed to reach home without getting drenched.

Cheers!!! :)

Jul 27, 2009

To take or not to take

Today evening while I was returning home from OFFICE (yessssssss office... no more a student!), it started raining. As it was very hot in the morning, I din't expect it would rain in the evening. So no umbrella... got drenched! :)

Usually, I find people taking their umbrellas with them, the next day.. i.e., after they totally get drenched that day, they decide to take an umbrella the next day and you guessed it right! It won't rain that day.

So friends... I've decided not to take my umbrella tomorrow :)

See.. such bold decisions I'm taking these days! I'm a grown up now.

PS: Note pannungappa.. note pannungappa

Jul 19, 2009

vada pochae.....

When my sis got married, I changed my orkut caption to 'vada pochae..'

Today while chatting with my friend (he/she requested me not to mention HER name)
So here is a part of the conversation we had... my friend as x

x: aporam sollu
x: howz ur vada?
Bhargavi Shanmugam: vada who?
x: vada-sis
Bhargavi Shanmugam: akka vadai?
x: vada pochae
Bhargavi Shanmugam: yeah yeah... i have many such vadais... so had doubt
Bhargavi Shanmugam: ne kooda oru vadai dhan... pune pona vadai
x: illa illa
Bhargavi Shanmugam: yes yes
x: naan samosa

OMG! After the accident, Pune-kaari has changed a lot.

See Aishu... Till the end I din't mention your name anywhere.

PS: FYI This 'Aishu' is 'xNOTx' my friend 'Aishwaria Niranjani'

Job Well Done! :)

Sleep with satisfaction (naan enna sonnen)