Aug 30, 2008

Sugar and spice and all that's nice

Haha.. Don't fume! I don't mind changing the topic of the previous post to 'Snips and snails and puppy-dog tails'... if u insist!

"...I want my daughters to have exactly the same opportunities as your sons."
-Barack Obama

'..I don’t particular like this trend of marrying off girls this young. What about their own lives and careers? Wouldn’t they want to do something with their lives? Now don’t say they will have careers after marriage. Our ‘culture’ will expect them to do the duties of a housewife also and eventually the strain will make them give up their jobs.
'Wow! Good to know that there are guys who think gals too have ambitions and would wanna pursue with career. Hats off man!

You don't have to be anti-man to be pro-woman.
~Jane Galvin Lewis

So here is my post about gals. This is what gals really are.. (read between lines and take tips)

# PINK!!! No topic about gals is complete without a mention to this colour. I truely donno whether pink is 'girly' coz gals like it or gals like it coz its called 'girly'. But who cares? pink is cute, pink is sweet, pink is beautiful, pink is 'girly'..

# Women don't have waterhose attached to our eyes. We don't cry for no reason. But yes! We are (more)emotional and (more)sensitive compared to guys.

# YES! We like shopping.

# We gals share emotional bonding with each other. When one gal is happy, all her friends are happy too and the whole atmosphere is filled with thrilled shrill voices(gals do sound a bit squeaky when excited!) And similarly, when something bad happens to a gal, all her friends get worried.

# Women talk more. YES! But we have the ability to make others feel comfortable, motivated and happy by our words. Women are better at consoling others and giving emotional support.

# We don't go for facial, pedicure, manicure, waxing et al.. frankly I donno what some of these are! Got it from the song in boy's movie.. seems like Vairamuthu knows more about all these than most gals. May be the hot chicks around do it.. but not any other ordinary gal.

# We are NOT afraid of thunder. These tamil movies have created such a wrong idea about this.. so guys don't have a chance during thunder. Then we are not afraid of lizards also. We don't go eeeek! when we see spiders..

# Gals are not behind your money. We've got enough of it. The only reason we smile at guys posing with expensive bikes, minor chains, gold bracelets, ear studs, coolers et al is because.. haha just look at them. We don't wanna laugh out loud and hurt the guy's feelings... at the same time we can't control our laughter. Thus end up smiling.

# To prove his love.. He swam the DEEPEST river! Climbed the HIGHEST mountain! Crossed the HOTTEST desert!!!
She... Divorced him coz he was never with her!
MORAL: Guys never understand that girls are simple..

# Do you know how many questions a gal has gotta face if she comes home late?! You guys have all the freedom.. to even roam on the roads all alone at mid night. So yes! We are jealous of you for this.

# Gals fall for guys who can impress them with their behaviour rather than money or appearance.

# For most gals, family is our first priority. Parents, husbands.. err husband, children are more important than anyone or anything else in this world.

# Gals always think about the consequences before they take any decisions. Sometimes its good.. but at other times its not so.

# Why is it that a gal alone should leave her parents and go with her husband after marriage? Won't she feel sad to leave her parents behind? Completely new atmosphere with totally new people.. the way most women cope up with it is really surprising to me!

# Finally, how much ever a woman expresses her opinion about this male-dominated society, complains, fights, argues.. she finally submits to the man she is married to.
Weirdo Women!

The Dark Side

# Gossips(as though guys don't gossip) But yes, gals gossip more. We don't much chat about politics, spor err.. cricket or the latest in technology(like u guys) We do chat about these also. Gals are always more curious about whats happening in other's lives.

# The unity among gals is not very strong. During happy times we are all close together but during hard times, most gals back off fearing the consequences(as said before)

# Women are not contented.. be it happiness, dresses, jewels(I think the attraction women had towards jewelry has minimised a lot. The 'walking around covered by gold mocking Goddess Lakshmi' is a practise of the past. Women of our age prefer other 'accessories' that can be picked up on the road side shops in T Nagar.) But dresses?! YEAH!! Again, I doubt whether women go behind rich men.. its not true in most cases. Women expect their men to earn enough to afford all these.

# Women have big mouths and sharp tongues. This is quite evident from the mother-in-law daughter-in-law fights that we have always heard of(possessiveness is the main reason, I guess) Though the father-in-law son-in-law relationship is no better, they atleast manage to keep their mouths shut and avoid publicity.

Aug 26, 2008

The Species from Mars.. called man!

Disclaimer: This post is about what I feel about the species from mars and any relevance to people alive or dead is purely intended and not coincidental. Feel free to challenge me, disagree with me, or tell me I’m completely nuts in the comments section, but I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever(abusive, profane, rude, or anonymous comments) - so better keep it polite.

Disclaimer 2: This post is only about the men who are senseless, abusive, rude, mean and really bad towards women and the 'Gentlemen' visiting this blog need not get provoked.. this has got nothing to do with you!

# Guys love guys! Yeah.. its true. They would do anything to keep the other men happy. In any relationship between a male and a female, men don't much care for women. But when a man is depressed he seeks comfort only from the women he knows(he dare not tell about his problems to the other men.. they would just mock at him and have a good time teasing..)

# Your awfully dreadful sense of humor! Some lame slapstick jokes, often aimed at wounding someone and deriving pleasure out of it. No one would call you 'humorous' for this, you are a 'sadist'... go and consult a psychiatrist.

# Men stick on to this crap always.. 'Man has built Taj Mahal for his woman. But women do nothing for men.' Stop taking credit for others work(as you always do in schools, colleges and work) Would you dare take a bad example and generalise all men to it?

# Men use all kinds of abusive words to describe women but I wonder how their mother alone(who is obviously a woman!) is the goddess of affection, love, care and warmth!

# Men are dominating. They always want women to be working under their orders, should not have opinions of their own, just say 'Yes Sir!' and do whatever they are ordered to do. Just because you are a guy/man doesn't mean that you have every right to order us. I have a doubt.. are you men born with horns or what? If yes, then you belong to the demon's world.. so get out of our place. If no, then you are in no way superior.. so stop telling us what to do. If you don't want women to have individual opinion then please don't marry a woman.. go get a 'thanjavur thalayaati bhommai'

# When a gal doesn't like a guy, she shows it on face.. just avoids him. But guyzzzz! They would casually talk with the gal as though nothing is wrong at all. Later, in her absence, would pass obscene comments and abuse her.

# Dowry - The most stupid practice ever! Though some men would say, 'I don't like demanding dowry.. but still for my parent's sake.. they are with that kind of mindset...blah blah..' Today you would demand dowry from the gal.. just because your parents insist(as you put it!) Later you would throw your parents out of the house.. just because your wife insists(again.. as you put it!) Got doubts.. are you brainless? Or you've decided to use it only to annoy gals? Can't you stand up for your opinion? Or are you so sure of your incapability towards earning wealth on your own?

# Why do you guys fuss so much about how the gals dress? If you can't keep your senses under control thats your problem. As though you won't get distracted by gals in chudi... guys get distracted by the very presence of gals.. their glamourous dressing just adds up to it.

# Again, why do you guys fuss so much about the make-up that gals wear? And whats your botheration if we are worried about suntan? Oh yeah! Guys play cricket(may be they know nothing else) all day long, in the scorching sun. Even buffaloes stand in the scorching sun for hours.. does this in any way mean that guys have buffalo skin? And after all this.. the way they come complaining(to women ofcourse) about their complexion..OMG!! Good for them that some fairness creams for men are in the market. Otherwise they would have to stealthily buy 'fair n lovely'(as they'd been doing till recent times..) There are even guys who try the besan(kadala maavu) facepack!

# 'Love' - All that most guys want is a pretty doll to flirt with, just to show off to their other male friends.
'His love is till She says "I love you"'
'Her love starts after She says "I love you"'
And the 'marriage material gal' is someone who looks beautiful, always smiling, talking in a polite way.. blah blah.. blahh.. hey WAIT! I've seen the same criteria somewhere else.. yeah receptionist! even air hostess...

# Forgetting important occassions(read as her b'day, wedding day, et al) No guy would ever dare to forget the birthday of the gal whom he wants to flirt with. But when it comes to the 'other' women(read as mom, sis, friends, wife or gal friend for 5yrs or more..) how well they remember to forget! Don't blame your 'poor memory' for it.. coz we very well know that you still remember what dress(or the absence of it!) was shreya wearing in 'vaji vaji' song.. or how India won(or lost) the match(cricket ofcourse) in the 1997 match against the Aussies. Its just that you choose to have 'selective amnesia'

# Most of you men complain that its always you paying bills for any outing with women. Hello.. this applies only when its an outing(read as dating) with your gal friend... but when its an outing with your female friends its mostly us who pay. Even your gal friends won't mind paying the bills but after seeing you doing all the gymnastics to get the bill from across the table, its just that she gives up. What do you want us to do.. give a hard punch on your stomach and get the bill from you?

P.S. for gals: I know you are quite happy with this post! But just that one point you wish I could have added.. no problem! Add it yourself in the comment box..

P.S. for guys: Close your eyes.. take a deep breath.. have a glass of water(BP tab if needed).. RELAX! Now scroll up and read DISCLAIMER 2... okay? 'But still.. This whole thing is a crap', you are thinking and yeah you have every right to defend your species. So go ahead.. talk me in the comment box(scroll up n go through DISCLAIMER)..
You are most welcomed!

P.S. for all: Though we may not like each other for various reasons, we gotta get along with each other in every day life. So, just consider this as a place to speak out the differences and get to understand each other better. This post may lead to fights and arguments but we'll call it a 'discussion'.. I've poured out my 'opinion'.. its your turn now.. go on..

Happy abusing..

NOTE : One of the 'gentlemen' I know wished that I could have added some good stuff about men also.. so just to make the gentlemen around feel comfortable, I've added this piece to the post. But this in no way means that I'm giving in .. I STILL STRONGLY STAND FOR WHAT I HAVE SAID!

# Men are quite possesive about their women. Thats good actually.. makes his woman feel 'special'
# They are very much protective towards the gals/women around them.
# Taking things easily.. here the stuffs like failing in exams, getting scoldings from dad et al counts (stuffs related to gals n love are exceptions)
# Guys needs are very few.. atleast I feel so.
# Mischievous. Even some gals are so.. but the number is a bit low.
# Though they may tease others so much(even in a hurting way), when the other person has some serious problem.. they stand up for them(some exceptions..)

Aug 21, 2008

Tagged by nobody

Got bored.. So took up a random tag.
Here goes..

1. What is your current desktop picture?

2. Do you believe in gay marriage?
As though I believe in marriage.. hahah..

3. What do you want more than anything right now?
A warm hug from someone I love..(read as mom, dad, sis, friends..) what did u think?

4. What time were you born?
8 30 at night! May be thats why I love sleeping..

5. Are your parents still together?
Yeah.. no one can manage me alone.. I keep them together..bonded! Call me BOND.. BHARGAVI BOND

6. Last person who made you cry?
Wait.. when did I last cry? pergot! Long time since I cried I think.. hmmm.. now I remember Shamili... or should I blame Mani Ratnam?

7. What are you listening to?
U want the truth or lie?
Lie: Because you loved me - Celine Dion
Truth: Yemmadi Aathadi - Vallavan

8. What's on your mouse pad?
Lie: 4 corcs, 1 hippo, 3 zebras and yeah a couple of monkeys too..
Truth: Don have a mouse pad..

9. What did you watch on TV last night?
Lie: NDTV 'We The People'
Truth: 80's hits in Imayam TV(yeah believe me.. there is one such channel!)

10. Do you get scared of the dark?
NEVER.. may be sometimes.. I blame my hyperactive imagination for that

11. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
First show me someone worth asking out.. then we'll talk

12. Who was the last person you made mad?
Divya.. was not my mistake though.. silly gal!

13. Is anyone in love with you?
Ahem.. pass

14. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
Absolutely!! I would wanna be my beshhtest friend..

15. Are you a daredevil?
Depends on what a daredevil means to you..

16. How do you release anger?
Lie: I get drunk and SMS abuses. Throw my mobile against the wall, walk out of home and yell like crazy on the streets..
Turth: By crying

17. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Duh! Who cares..

18. What do you look for in a guy/girl?
Sense of humor, intelligence and guts..

19. How many people do you have a crush on right now?
Lemme see.. Hrithik, Dhoni, Dravid.. just three? hmmm... after thinking hard.. Salman n Rahul Gandhi
That sums up to FIVE!

20. Who do you miss most right now?
You'll never know..

21. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
I like black.. n pink.. n white.. I like red also.. oh I'm confused! I wanna be all colours

22. Favourite day of the year?
I wish I could say, 'My Birthday'.. But it has always been one of the worst days.. sob sob..

23. Scary movies or happy endings?
Scary movies with happy endings..

24. Summer or winter?
Summer during winter..

25. Do you like your name?
Yeah, I do. More after I came to know what name my gran had in mind... WAK!!!

26. What book are you reading?
Books.. long time since I even touched one

27. Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone?

Now, I tag no one in specific. Whoever visits this blog.. consider yourself tagged. Those who don't have a blog can leave it in the comment box or send me an email!

Have fun!

Aug 19, 2008

My trip to Mysore

Went to mysore recently with my family..

Things I liked in the trip:

This was a long awaited vacation with my family.. as all(except me) are very busy. Had fun spending time with my family!

The security in the Chennai central station.. WOW!! We left on 13th, two days before independence day, so the security was tight! There was no checking in Mysore railway station though.. So yaay Chennai is safer!

I really liked our hotel room.. except that the floor was icy chill!

Palace.. woohoo..What a place!! I wish I could live there.. for atleast a day(naah.. for ever!)

Tipu Sultan's summer palace! Though we reached there just few minutes before closing time, we did manage to have a good look around the place.

The spirit of patriotism that I suddenly got when I heard about Tipu's stand against the English. I seriously wanted to be a part of the freedom fight! Boohoo.. Its all over long back!

The lake we visited.. forgot the name.. but it was good!

Zooooooooooo.. I love animals!! Best part of our trip I would say!!!!

The gorilla.. ummmah!

Rhino enclosure.. *flashback*.. ezzzh ezzzh ezzzh.. many many years ago.. I got lost in the same place. Yeah i did get lost.. what happened is.. The rhino walked along the fence with me.. I thought it was a game so I started walking along the fence as well! Everything went on well until it lost interest in me.. and went off. Only then did I realise that I was lost.. Thanks to the rhino! Whew! Good that my family managed to find me(for which my sis is repenting till now) I wondered if it is the same rhino.. anyways it din't recognise me!

The cute kutti elephant.. it came running towards people. The way the calf ran off when the mahout shouted 'aye illi bha'(hey come here!) Till date I din't know that elephants knew kannadam!

The crocs.. and the way leading to that place.. wow! Just out of words!!

Journey back home.. Had a good sleep in train! mmm.. may be they'd washed the pillow covers n sheets this time!

Things I din't like(hate is a harsh word..) in the trip:

Though the security in the railway station impressed me.. suddenly the scanner stopped working and we had to wait for a few minutes before someone came and repaired it.

The pillow and sheets they provided in the train.. YAK!!! It was my mistake.. I should not have smelled it! It must have been ages since they washed it.

Speaking in tamil.. a big NO. The waiter in a hotel gave me a weird look when I spoke in tamil.. then din't attend to us properly. So from then on all of us zipped up our mouths and only my dad did all the talking..(yeah he knows kannadam!)

The food there.. Oh God!! yaaki!!

Brindhavan Gardens was closed for security reasons.

The roadside shops there. How the shopkeepers bug the tourists to buy stuff.. and the price they quote! happaa.. for things that are worth only Rs.20 they charge Rs.500... tourist na enna illichchavaaya (but yes they are!)

Most of the tourist spots are closed by 5PM.. What'll the people do after 5 I wonder.. May be they lock themselves up in their houses..

A whole day spent on going to various temples.. phew!! My mom is hopeless..

Spent most of the time drinking coffee(ahh how much coffee I drank!!).. taking medicines.. applying amruthanjan.. blowing my nose.. and pretending to be fine!

Was really embarrassed when the monkeys got frightened when I sneezed.. aachooo.. *sniff* *sniff* (Thank God! no one saw..)

Pitied the tigers there.. such small cages!
(NOTE TO ASLAM : Don't go to the mysore zoo. If you go.. I'm sure your blood vessels will burst on seeing the plight of the big cats there!)
They were roaming in the cages restlessly(cages were not big enough to use the word 'roam'.. but still for the lack of proper word..) The lions.. err lion.. there was just one.. bore adikaadhu?! I wanted to give it a big hug saying 'Don't worry dear..I'm here..' but fearing 'communication gap' I dropped that idea..

Things for which I din't know how to react (silar siripaar silar azhuvaar.. naan epdi react panradhunu theriyaama muzhichchaen!):

The climate. It was cold there.. if we'd gone there anyother time I would have surely enjoy it! But this time I had cold.. and due to the climate it worsened and I ended up with fever.

One of the temples was closed when we reached. I really felt relieved that I need not stand in the long queues.. but on the other hand felt bad seeing my mom getting upset for this.

In Tipu's summer palace..
'Entry fee for Indian citizens Rs.5 Foreigners Rs.100'

Have you ever heard of this crow story.. really funny! There is a white crow in Mysore. People there have a belief that the day when the crow drinks cauvery water the whole world will be destroyed. What crap! If thats true why not just kill that crow?! May be they have a story for that too.. GOK!!

Back home now..
Home Sweet Home!

Aug 12, 2008

Happy Independence to.. everyone?!!

By now, we would have got the thought of our country’s Independence day.. because its gonna be a holiday for the whole family and its gonna be fun... watching tv, reading articles about our heroes, passing on long lengthy independence day wishes to everyone, saying ‘Jai Hind!!’ etc etc.. gr8!

Even I’m a Proud INDIAN like everyone else. We talk A to Z about.. how our country has improved in the past 61 yrs of independence. We’ ve reached peaks in the IT field.. WOW!!! What an improvement?? I can go on about this.

When I started thinking about the very root of the word ”independence”, I lost track n ended up with the following issue. Lots of things are related to our country’s independence. One among that is we escaped slavery. We all hate to be slaves and after independence we don’t have such issues . Yes , definitely I agree . I’m not a slave to anyone in this world!! I enjoy this n I celebrate my country’s day. So do everyone.

First question I ask myself, do I have enough freedom??
Yes, I do. I can decide about anything. Its just that my parents expect me to inform them about my decisions (well! They‘ve every right for that) Not only myself, my friends too. Their thoughts are also valued.. I’m happy about that. This is just with my friends circle.

Do all the children of my age or younger ones have enough freedom?? Nope!! I know a gal who is working in my neighbour’s house. Small kid she is.. might be 10 yrs old. She is baby sitting my neighbour’s daughter. That’s sad! A child looking after another child? enna koduma sir idu??

Why do people prefer child servants?
Every child is innocent. They won’t say anything even if asked to do hell amount of work. Further, wont talk back when the owners scold them. In my neighbour’s case, that gal does all kinda work. Starting from baby sitting, washing, cleaning, helping my neigh in cooking, any household work? Name it.. she does it. I don’t wanna create an evil picture about my neighbour. They take good care of the gal.

When I enquired about the gal , I came to know the sad story. Her mom died, her dad ran away with another woman, her brother who doesn’t wanna take care of this kid. And no one to take care of her. My mom says. ”Atleast these people save her monthly pay for her future.”
On one hand, that’s right... “Something is better than nothing.”

But thinking about her future..OMG! these ppl are gonna chase her away once their kid reaches 8 or something.. what will she do then? She can’t even read or write... can speak only tamil. She doesn’t even know numbers. She doesn’t even know to count whatever she has earned. How is she going to survive when let out in this world?? Its really gonna be horrible. Leaving this apart now..

My neighbours!! Wow! Very well educated. He is a doctor n his wife works in IT. They wanted a lovely baby, but can’t spend time for their precious baby. Can’t even take care of their small child, but they want a pet dog.
And that poor working kid gotta take care of the dog also. They are not ready to teach even basic letters or numbers to that poor gal. Where has the humane thing gone?? Civilised , smart, talented, rich etc etc.. they are.

I really dunno whom to blame.. I definitely can’t accept it as her fate. Should I blame her very kind bro for not looking after her ? (he is in a position to take care)or the neighbours,for not caring about her future??

She is not exactly a slave!! But she is one!

I know everyone is aware of this kinda child servant stories. Some are worse than this. Educated ones who lecture about freedom n stuff do these kinda inhumane things. Sad!!

I dunno what can be the solution for this. But one request for all the readers. Definitely, you are all gonna earn well n your life partners too. If you can’t take care of your own kid, don’t ever have a kid!!

PS: 10yr old looking after a 2yr old is not an ordinary issue. Do think about this!!

NOTE: This post was written by my friend Tara, 'The twinkling star'


Now.. My opinion.. though u don't care about what i think.. i will write it.. this is MY blog!!!

Independence day!! I remember getting up early n going to school for flag hoisting.. n after its over they give us this 50 paise chocolates.. or was it 25 paise?! How we used to rush back home not wanting to miss the interview of our favourite hero in some channel! For many.. independence day is all about the special programs on tv..

After school.. we din't even care to buy flags on independence day. How many of us really stand up when the National Anthem is sung? very few indeed..

To awaken the patriot in us, we should go abroad i think. In Tamil Nadu.. u are a chennaite. In India.. u are a tamilian. So when u are outside India.. u BECOME an Indian! I'm not saying that we don't love our country.. but as Simran says in the movie 'pammal k sammandham', 'irukku.. engiyo ulla.. aazhama.. the love is there.' May be we'll show it.. someday..

Now coming to the child labour topic.. ahem.. yeah.. i've also seen such children.. pathetic condition! Something has to be done about this.. but what?! The laws should be made more strict..

But from our side.. what can be done? Adoption!! yeah.. we can adopt orphaned children. But its not that easy.. our family may not support it. The least we can do is sponsor education for the children. After I start earning, I will Sponsor education for atleast one orphaned kid! You can do that too...

'..If you can’t take care of your own kid, don’t ever have a kid!!..'
Me: tra how can u say this?
Tra: hey what i'm saying is one should not make kids look after their kids. May be their parents or someother elders should do it!
Me: hmmm okay.. Agreed!

Thats why i'd told my parents about this long back.. why postpone till the last minute

P.S.: Thanks for the article tra.. atlast got something meaningful to post in my blog!

Happy Independence day to everyone!