Aug 19, 2010

Am falling in love ;)

Say suppose a meeting is scheduled from 9am to 5pm.

Usually it starts at sharp 9am and extends after 5pm :(

Today, we had a session taken by some Americans. Session started at around 10am and ended at sharp 5pm :)

WOW! Am falling in love with these American mamas! ;)

Sep 2, 2009

Why not give it a try...

This is my first short story(yippeeeeeey!!!). I'm so jobless these days that I've started writing stories :D

Warning: Don't expect much.

Disclaimer: All characters are fictional.

The thunder roared outside. It sounded like a train had derailed. Ajay got up from his bed and went to the kitchen. He poured some milk in a vessel, kept it on the stove and lit it.

“Ajay, Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!! I wanna meet you today. Its important”, She said. This was the fourth time Reshma was calling him.
“But dear I have so much work to finish”
“Just one hour. Please please pleaseeee…..”
Ajay couldnot refuse it. He had always loved the way Reshma convinced him to do things.
“Ok. Just an hour. I will pick you up at 8. We’ll go for dinner”
“Oh dear, so nice of you. Love you loads”

Ajay cut the call. He set an alarm in his mobile, so that he wont forget this. He din’t wanna hear those lectures from her about how long she had waited for him, how much she is missing being with him, how he used to spend most of his time with her and how he has changed now.

“I am waiting outside your house”,Ajay called Reshma and said.
“You are here so soon? Just two minutes dear”
Ajay knew what it meant. He opened his laptop and started checking mails.

The milk had boiled. Ajay turned off the stove and poured the milk in a cup. He added sugar and coffee powder to it, took a spoon and went back to his room.
He opened the window. Cool breeze swept his face. Ajay closed his eyes for a few seconds to have the feel of it. He stirred the coffee with the spoon, then took a sip.

“Hey honey”,she said.
“Sorry for keeping you waiting. I thought you’ll be a lil late”,Reshma said before he could say anything and smiled at him. It was the same kiddish smile with a spark of naughtiness in her eyes for which he had fallen.
“Its ok”,Ajay said, “So what is it that you wanted to talk about?”
“Oh that… hehehee.. There is someone special joining our family today. I want you to name him”, saying so Reshma showed him a kitten’s photo in her mobile.
Ajay smiled.
He always had a feeling that she would leave him someday. When she said she wanted to meet him and its important, he was expecting some bad news. Pheww! He felt relieved.
“Tinu”, he said.
“How chweeet!!!”

A drop of water fell into the cup.

Climax 1:
Ajay din’t care to wipe off his tears. If only Reshma had not travelled in that train.

That day was still fresh in his mind. Reshma was lying in the ICU with blood all over her body. She wanted to talk to him for one last time. Ajay went in. He touched her hands. She opened her eyes and looked at him. She held his hand and said her last words, “Love you” and smiled at him. She managed to smile for him hiding all her pain. It was the same kiddish smile with a spark of naughtiness in her eyes for which he had fallen. Her smile froze.
Ajay could not believe what had just happened. The world around him stood still. He wanted to tell her that he loved her too.

He could no longer control his emotions. He dropped the cup and broke down crying and shouting,”Love you too… love you too”

Climax 2:
Ajay din’t mind. A drop of rain water in his coffee won’t do any harm. He was too much engrossed in watching the rain’s beauty. He kept the cup on the window sill still looking outside. When he wanted to take another sip, the cup was missing.
“Searching for something honey?”,Reshma asked.
She smiled at him and sat on the bed.The cup was in her hand. Tasting the coffee, she said,”Hey not bad! My hubby is making awesome coffee these days” and smiled again. It was the same kiddish smile with a spark of naughtiness in her eyes for which he had fallen.
He smiled back.
“Love you”,She said.
“Love you too”

************************* END 1 **************************

PS: Which climax did u like better?
PPS: Those who comment as "Both equally suck" will be executed.
PPPS: No.. I'm not a 'PS' addict.
PPPPS: Today is a holiday for me. haiya jollyyyyy :)
PPPPPS: Onam aashamshagal!
PPPPPPS: No, Its not a tongue twister. It means "Onam wishes" (I guess so)

************************* END 2 **************************

Aug 8, 2009

"Is it OK now?"
"Say yes or no, ma'm"

Some Peole in the dentistry lack common sense!

Aug 5, 2009

Dei... Maadasamy! :P

Being a 'Software Engineer', I've started liking this IT culture of calling people by their names. Whoever it is.. even those HRs who are over 50yrs of age are addressed by their names. And the best part is they insist that we call them by their names. WOW!!! I'm loving it!

Soon things will get even better and the day when I'll call out 'dei Maadasamy' is not far away! :P