Apr 19, 2009

Bad donkey, Small wall

After quite a long time, I'm visiting my blog. Feels great.... !
This is where I belong

I'm coming across so many people these days... its surprising that everybody is funny in their own way.

Yesterday night when I was returning home in train, the TT asked for my ID proof. I gave him my driving licence... seeing my licence,

TT: tamizha?
me: yes
TT: appo thamizhlayae paesirukalamae
(I know that I'm a tamilian... how the hell will I know that u r also one?)

Another time, in a hotel..
Server: Order madam
Me: dosa
Server: Onion uthappam?
Me: dosa
Server: uthappam
me: dosa... PLAIN DOSA!!
Server: onion uthappam
(Yedho onnu.. konduvandhu thola)

server(to my friend): madam?
friend: sweet lime juice
server: lime juice and sweet... what sweet madam? halwa.. jalebi.. barfi

Once me and my friend went to collect a courier that I'd got...
The delivery place was somewhere in a food court inside our campus. So we went to a lady working in the FC and asked

friend: excuse me! where is the courier delivery counter?
lady: delivery counter?
me: yeah
lady: that is meals delivery counter... this is tiffin delivery counter
(enna koduma sir!)
me: okay.. thank you!

@ our campus, to get the laundry coupon we had to swipe our debit cards for 20rs. As we had just then joined, we dint have our debit cards issued.
So, we asked a guy, who had come to get laundry coupon, whether he could swipe his card for us also... and we would pay him 20rs in cash.
He nodded his head.. and we thought everything was going on fine... till he opened his purse and gave us 20rs.
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai... iruvadhu roobaiku kooda vazhi illamala inga vandhurukom...
Had to explain everything again to him... still, I'm not sure whether he understood whatever we said that day.

Another day, we went to watch the movie 'ghajini' in hindi. After the movie was over, one guy was explaining the difference between tamil ghajini and the hindi one to his friend.
guy: tamil la rendu villain da... double action!
rendu paerum orae maadhiri irupaanga...
rendu paerum chinna vayasula irundhae twins ahm..

God!!! Save this world!!!